Adelaida, 5, Effigy of A Witch.jpg

This project was interrupted by COVID-19

Witches' Garden would have been  a 20-day long artist residency program held in Lewisham, London, during the summer of 2020. 

What we offer:

· living space (single room)

· working space (cellar)

· 1 roll of analog documentation

· 1 stick and poke tattoo

· 2 day show with the witch

· 7 meals, cooked by us(!) - please bring your own alcohol

Laws and regulations:

· when working in the cellar must use candlelight

· the work will be displayed in the garden, in the darkness, with the witch. The main source of light will be the garden's security light.

About the witch:  

The witch was born in October 2019 from sticks, mud, and string, within a collaboration involving Adelaida Antúnez Egurbide, Anaïs Comer, Alfie Gibbs, and Sam Stafford. She remains in the garden she was born in, watching a church. She is always prepared for a quick exit - you never know when things might turn sour.